love vs friendship (#sarawak)

Friendship is the propellers of any ship (life) that keeps u sailing during bad n good times. Friends do favors of each others but, don't expect anything in return. U can experience the true friends will be like helping hands when u need them badly. U may be down n depressed at times n friends play an important role in bringing the smile back on ur face. With friends, u r comfortable n need not be pretentious about ur moves n talks. U can have fun with ur friends. Friends nvr leave u during bad times n they don't get influenced by ur personal love life. As a matter of fact, they can be guiding angels on whose shoulder u can cry. They r very supportive n tell the truth on ur face even if it is bitter one.

What is LOVE?
Love is the pure n awe-inspiring feeling that every treasures n years to experience. True love is bliss. Love is like the anchor that keeps u safe near the harbor or during turbulences. Love is to understand each other desires n adjust with him/her. U'll happily change urself for ur beloved. Ur sweetheart can fill ur heart with love n that reflects on ur face. U always try to impress ur lover with ur moves n talks. U can share intimate feelings in love.

Basic difference between LOVE n FRIENDSHIP :- 

U can love 1 person but can have many friends at the same time n the most important, love vs friendship is ur love can be ur best friend but nvr ur friend can be ur love. Bcoz if u mix both the relationships then ur friend is no more ur true friend. He/She will becomes ur love. 

Love vs Friendship ~
Love is a warming touch that sends a pulse through ur heart !
Friendship is a warm smile in the winter !

Love is when u feel like u r the only 2 around !
Friendship is a quiet walk in the park with the 1 u trust !  

Love is when they gaze into ur eyes n it warms ur heart !
Friendship is when they gaze into ur eyes n u know they care !  

Love is when u can still feel their hand on ur heart when they r not near !
Friendship is being close even when u r far apart !  

Love is when u bring them the very best !
Friendship is hoping that they experience the very best !  

Love occupies ur soul !
Friendship occupies ur mind !

Love is when u will give up everything to be at their side !
Friendship knows that u will always try to be there when in need !  

Love cannot live without friendship !
Friendship can survive without love !

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